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XD-81 USB/Serial Port Wireless NRF24L01+ Communication 2.4GHz 125 Channels

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XD-81 USB/Serial Port Wireless NRF24L01+ Communication 2.4GHz 125 Channels

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Talk to your microcontroller(s) wirelessly. Compatible with nRF24L01+ and SI24R1 chipsets. It installs as a serial device and configures through AT command. Uses standard Windows driver, see below for installation instructions.

Product Information
dipmicro Code DE4502
Added 2014-09-19
Manufacturer Generic
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  • Compatible with NRF24L01+
  • Windows 98, Win2k, WinXP, Win7, Win8
  • Recognized as serial port
  • Requires only one AT command to setup
  • Automatically switches to receiving when not sending
  • Operates in nRF24L01+ Dynamic Payload Length mode




0x40 is channel/frequency 2.4GHz + 0x40 (64) x 1MHz (maximum 125) = 2.464GHz
0x07 is value for NRF24 status register, 1M data rate, highest gain (0db)
0504030201 is pipe address


This device does not need any driver on Windows 7/8, it uses driver usbser.sys that is already included with Windows. Only file that is needed is the INF file (a text file) that describes device's VID/PID and driver to use. Manufacturer package came with lot of noise, so we cleaned it, also it seems to be removed from internet, we keep the copy - you can find both INF file and original package below.

Unzip RFCOM_64.zip, open Device Manager, find WWW.AI-THINKER.COM device, right-click and select "Update Driver", then "Browse My Computer", then navigate to folder with unzipped RFCOM_64.INF file, then Next. It will complain about unsigned driver, select "Install Anyway" on Win7 or use this tutorial to install unsigned driver on Win 8.1

In the end you should get COM port for each XD-81. To test, we installed two XD-81, used TeraTerm and opened two TeraTerms, one for each COM port. When typing in one window, characters should show in the other. If channel is changed (you can use Paste function), communication breaks until you change channel in second window.

INF file here

Manufacturer package here

Original link (may not work or downloads zero size file)