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Pulsar Laser Toner Transfer Paper (10 sheets)

Location: /Prototyping/Heat Transfer

Pulsar Laser Toner Transfer Paper (10 sheets)

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Letter size 8.5 x 11”, Toner Transfer Paper is ideal medium for capturing precise laser printer (or photo-copier) output being fused to the paper up at up to 1,200dpi. For more information click More Info link below or visit Pulsar Pro FX website for tips on how to use this transfer paper.

Product Information
dipmicro Code DE2713
Manufacturer Pulsar
Manufacturer P/N 50-1101
Stock Type New from manufacturer
Restockable? No
Shipping Weight first 0.21kg / 7.41oz
then 0.12kg / 4.23oz
Ship Cost Canada CP O/S Letter C$4
Ship Cost USA USPS First Class $4
Technical Summary
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Toner images print perfectly to the transfer paper because the printer thinks is a regular textured sheet of paper. It readily takes all of the toner the printer can give. The circuit image on the transfer paper is then laid face-down over the copper where heat and pressure are applied making the toner image re-fuse again to the copper.

After this re-fusing step, the board is slipped into a water tray where the water soaks into the back of the paper to start dissolving the paper's Dextrin coating.

Dextrin is the coating on the top of the paper that lies between the fibers of the paper and the toner image printed on top.

Within a minute of being wet, the paper releases the toner and floats away from the board on its own. At this point the board is rinsed under tap water and dried ready for GreenTRF to seal the toner, explained in the next menu button, "Toner Foils".

... Will the paper transfer to wood and/or wood painted with acrylic paint?? Thx so much!
... And in fact it does. I rec'd a sample from your company and it did exactly what I needed it to ... Thanks again for your help.
  Feedback from customer.
The papers were ...... i don't have a word to describe it. Awesomeeeeeeeee ::::))))))) It was very goooooooood and marvelous. It simply separated from the PCB board without any efforts. I didn't expect that..... See the pictures.
  Feedback from customer. One of pictures shown below with permission.

Customer Picture

Common Questions

Why is transfer paper no larger than "letter-size" (8½x11")?

The 1st Parameter is driven by the common size of laser printers. About 99% of all laser printers are "letter-size" printers. Sure, they'll do "legal-size" with no change to the width but this drives the second parameter.

The 2nd Parameter revolves around the 72" wide continuous roll of raw paper used by the paper converter to create this unique paper. At 72" width it can be divided by 18" to yield a "4up" sheet cut to 36" long sheets, thus creating a 12"x18" final size, called Oversize Tabloid. This is later trimmed 1" and cut in half again to arive at common user sizes with very little waste. If we were to make "legal" size from Tabloid size, the math obviously doesn't work out which results in a lot of wasted paper.

The 3rd Parameter is DEMAND. It's rare to have someone ask for "legal" size or "tabloid" size!

Handling The Paper

Try to always keep your fingers off the lighter blue side (coated side). The paper is also moisture sensitive. It is dimensionally stable at 68%RH so when you need a sheet, open the factory bag, pull a sheet and seal the bag back up.