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28-pin Microchip PIC Prototyping PCB

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28-pin Microchip PIC Prototyping PCB

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PCB 69x50mm with several test points to access the I/O pins of the microcontroller and a some prototyping area. PIC on this board can be directly programmed with the PICkit2 or PICkit3 via ICSP port. This sale is for PCB only, no other parts nor tools are included.

PCBs may come on a V-scored panel and in that case can be easily depanelized/snapped-off manually with minimum force.

Check the Errata section on the bottom.

Product Information
dipmicro Code DE2539
Manufacturer dipmicro
Manufacturer P/N PCB-PK28
Stock Type New
Restockable? No
Shipping Weight 10g / 0.353oz
Ship Cost Canada CP O/S Letter C$4
Ship Cost USA USPS First Class $4
Technical Summary
More Info PK28_Rev.1A.sch


  • High quality FR4 board
  • Combined plated through-holes
  • Clear marking on the top side, numbered columns and rows.
  • Thin pads on top side to prevent solder build-up and easy remove.
  • 1mm thick, easy to heat the pads for rework.
  • Eagle schematic file available here. Sorry, no PCB file available.


Export images from Eagle. Click to zoom.

Actual scans of the PCB. Click image to zoom.


This proto board is similar to Microchip's 28-pin demo board (DM164120-3). It has several test points to access the ICSP and I/O pins of the microcontroller and a some prototyping area. PIC on this board can be programmed with the PICkitâ„¢ 2 Programmer or MPLAB ICD 2 using the RJ-11 to 6-pin adapter.

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This board is the same form-factor as our PB1 proto board and can be combined with it in Tyco's 2TK rail creating powerful prototyping system. It contains placeholders for most common 28-pin PIC circuitry. No need to populate all components, only those your application require.

Click image to zoom.

Supported Devices

PIC16F57 PIC16CR63 PIC18F2510 PIC16F72 PIC16CR72 PIC18F2520 PIC16F73 PIC16CR73 PIC18F2515 PIC16F737 PIC16CR76 PIC18F2523 PIC16F767 PIC18F2220 PIC18F2525 PIC16F870 PIC18F2221 PIC18F2550 PIC16F872 PIC18F2320 PIC18F2580 PIC16F873A PIC18F2321 PIC18F2585 PIC16F876A PIC18F2331 PIC18F2610 PIC16F913 PIC18F2410 PIC18F2620 PIC16F916 PIC18F2420 PIC18F2680 PIC16C55A PIC18F2423 PIC18F2682 PIC16C62B PIC18F2431 PIC18F2685 PIC16C63A PIC18F2450 PIC18F24J10 PIC16C745 PIC18F2455 PIC18F25J10 PIC16C773 PIC18F2480


Microcontroller pin #8 is marked as GND but it's not connected to on-board GND signal.

Proto area marked as GND is not connected to on-board GND signal.