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Copper Clad FR4 .060” 2-Side PCB 8 x 2.625” 1oz/35µm

Location: /Prototyping/Copper Clad/DS 0.052” +

Copper Clad FR4 .060” 2-Side PCB 8 x 2.625” 1oz/35µm

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1C$2.5500 C$1.00C$2.55 C$1.00
5C$2.0500 C$1.00C$10.25 C$5.00
10C$1.9600 C$1.00C$19.60 C$10.00
20C$1.3450 C$1.00C$26.90 C$20.00

The size may differ by 1/16” (1-2mm). There may be few fingerprints, please clean copper before using with super-fine steel-wool, Scotchbrite, Tarn-X, Zap!, Restore4 or similar. After cleaning be sure to rinse and dry so you don't leave water spots.

Product Information
dipmicro Code DE4000
Manufacturer Generic
Stock Type New Old Stock
Restockable? No
Shipping Weight 50g / 1.76oz
Ship Cost Canada CP O/S Letter C$4
Ship Cost USA USPS First Class $4
Technical Summary
Foil Copper
Panel FR4
Layers 2-Side
Foil Weight 1oz/35µm
Thickness 1.52mm (.060in)
Panel Size 203 x 66.7mm (8 x 2.625in)