Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?

Please review our Shipping Policy for rates.

When will the order ship?

Orders are processed on "first comes - first served" basis and due to order volume fluctuations they are shipped within 1-4 business days, usually 1 business day. In case of urgency please clarify with us first. Selecting Priority shipping service will not shorten the handling time.

If you purchase entire or significant portion of our stock for particular item, we may prioritize and serve lower quantity orders first. Your order may be delayed while we replenish depleted item.

Can I come for pick-up?

As for Nov 1, 2015 we have closed our shop in Niagara Falls and in-person pickup is no longer offered.

Can I return or exchange the products?

Defective products will be exchanged within 30 days and you can return unopened products in original packaging within 30 days for any reason. There are folowing exceptions:

  • You are reseller.
  • You purchased product at lowest price-break.1

1 If you purchased products at lowest price-break or pre-order or made-to-order, these items are non-returnable, non-cancellable and no technical support will be provided. In these cases minor defects not affecting functionality are not considered valid reasons for exchange and 2% defects or miscount is considered acceptable.

Example: you purchased 200pcs of an electronic module at lowest price-break, 4 units are allowed to be defective.

Higher price-breaks or single-price products are not affected by the policy. If you do not agree with these terms, please request updated invoice to next higher price-break before making the payment.

Which countries you provide service to?

Canada and United States.

What is Standard shipping method?

Canada: CanadaPost Oversized Lettermail. Maximum thickness 20mm, so not all items can ship using this method. Pretty fast to ON/QC, may get slow in odd case. Welcome to wonders of CanadaPost.

USA: USPS First Class Mail from NY, 14304 via cross-border courier from Canada. Maximum $200 value. As fast as shipped from USA, add 2-3 days to get it through the border.

What is Priority shipping method?

Priority is Expedited Parcel™ for Canadian orders, Priority Mail for USA orders and

In some cases we may choose to ship heavy orders in Canada by UPS Ground instead, which provides similar delivery standard as CanadaPost Expedited Parcel. In case we would like to substitute UPS instead of CanadaPost, we will give you a call before mailing to make sure you approve using UPS as some residential customers may experience inconvenience getting their shipment from courier. Please do not request UPS, we can only offer this substitution within our flat Priority rate to certain areas and to our convenience only. If you require UPS, please submit your order and request updated invoice with UPS (which service) shipping.

What is Express shipping method?

Express is CanadaPost Xpresspost™ for Canadian orders, USPS Express Mail for USA orders.

We do not currently offer Express shipping via automated website checkout. Please submit your order and request updated invoice with Express shipping.

Can you ship by other service?

If you require specific service by CanadaPost, USPS or UPS and/or particular packaging, submit your order via website, inform us of your requirements and wait for adjusted invoice, which may take up to 1 business day.

Why did I pay $2.95 and received order in envelope with $1.35 stamp ?

Please do not get distracted by the cost of postage. Packaging supplies, shipping insurance, credit card charges, and other costs we do not have with pickup customers are not included in the postage.

We have US mail delivered to USPS twice a week by courier, hence our USA rates are slightly higher than Canadian.

How long to receive my order?

Depends on your selected service, please review our Shipping Policy for details.

Most Canadian and US customers receive orders in 1-2weeks. If order shipping in Canada contains bulky items and we choose to mail it from USA, it may take even 4 weeks.

I would like to add new item or change my order

Our inventory and billing are computerized, orders are sent to warehouse automatically and depending on stage of processing it may be too labor intensive to locate your shipment.

Place new order and leave message to merge with previous order #. If we can and combined order does not exceed purchased shipping service, we will merge orders and refund excess shipping.

Because this is much more resource intensive on our staff than processing straight orders, if you abuse the favor and make multiple orders requesting merge and refund, or keep doing it often, we will have no choice but ignore the requests.

Will I have to pay customs duties and brokerage fees?


Can you mark my shipment as gift?

Sorry, but no. This may be be violation of your customs regulations.

How to pay?

We accept PayPal, major credit cards denominated in currencies supported by this website, Interac.

Not accepting Money Orders or cheques, but can make exceptions for orders over $100.

What is New Old Stock?

These products are unused but may have been stored for extended period of time.

Why some products are out of stock?

Most out-of-stock products will be replenished, however there are some that may have been discontinued.

Will you find the parts for me?

Sorry, but we do not offer such service.

I left you a voicemail, why did not you call me back?

If it was more than 2 business days, we most likely did and nobody answered. We will not leave voicemail so you are better off sending email.